Military Order of the Purple Heart

Donations We Accept

All donated items must be clean, reusable, and able to be lifted by one driver. For those items that cannot be accepted, please refer to for disposal/recycling options.


Pickup Service provided by Charity Pickup Service.  You can schedule your next charitable donation pickup online at or with  Thank you for thinking of us when you have donations of clothing, shoes, and household items!




Appliances (SMALL & in working condition ONLY) - irons, toasters, blenders, coffee makers, curling irons

Appliances (LARGE) - washers, dryers, refrigerators, ranges, air conditioners, water/portable heaters, de/humidifiers

Arts & craft supplies

Aerosol cans or products

Area rugs


Bedding, linens, blankets

Any baby items (e.g., furniture, cribs, play pens, car seats, high chairs) other than clothing & toys

Books (ONLY if donated quantity can be lifted by driver) – but NO encyclopedias or textbooks

Barbecue grills (charcoal, propane, gas, electric) & gas tanks for grills


Batteries (auto & household)

Christmas/holiday items

Beds, box springs & mattresses of any type or size



Clothing (all styles, sizes & accessories)

Blinds (metal, wood, fabric or other)


Building materials

Curtains & drapes  


DVD & MP3 players

Car parts or tires

Exercise equipment (ONLY if driver can lift)

Carpet padding & rolls of installed carpeting


Cleansers, chemicals, pesticides, or hazardous materials of any kind

Flat screen TVs/monitors

Computers, CPUs, monitors, keyboards, printers, etc. (Note: will ONLY accept “laptop computers” or “flat screen monitors”)

Furniture (SMALL – stools, end tables) ONLY if in usable condition & driver can lift

Electrical fixtures (chandeliers, ceiling fans, hard-wired lights)


Encyclopedias & textbooks

Household items (knick-knacks, bookends, wall hangings, picture frames)

Exercise bikes or any exercise equipment (UNLESS if small & light enough for driver to lift)


Fire extinguishers, gas tanks & flammable materials (including lighter fluid)

Kitchenware (pots, pans, dishes, silverware)


Lamps ONLY if non-halogen and non-fluorescent

Furniture (LARGE) – sofas, tables, chairs, book cases, recliners, etc.

Laptop computers

Guns of any kind (even BB guns), firearms, weapons & bullets

Lawn furniture (only in good condition)

Lamps & bulbs (halogen or fluorescent)

Lawn mowers (Note: MUST BE empty of oil and/or gasoline & in working condition)

Magazines, newspapers or catalogues

Phones (cellular & land line)

Microwave ovens (of any kind)

Portable stereos or boom boxes


Purses, backpacks, luggage

Paint or any petroleum-based products



Records, tapes, CDs, DVDs

Sinks or toilets

Scooters & tricycles



Swing sets

Sporting goods

TVs & VCR players (Note: will ONLY accept “flat screen TVs”)

Toys & stuffed animals

Weights & weight lifting equipment